Capital Development Authority of Bangladesh Lottery result of Uttara Apartment,'March'-2019
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Rajuk Development Control Area

RAJUK exercise development control function as per provisions laid down in the East Bangal Building construction Act, 1952 and its subsequent Amendments and the Rules & By-laws framed thereunder. Every construction/erection/excavation with in the jurisdiction of RAJUK requires permission/approval from the Authorized Officer or Building Construction Committee appointed under the provision of the Town Improvement Act, 1953. Any type of building construction, housing, commercial, industrial and whatsoever need planning permission and they must be in conformity with the land use provision of Master Plan/Urban Area Plan/Detailed Area Plans of different SPZ's. 'Building' as defined in the existing building construction Rules includes a home, hut, wall and any other structure where masonry bricks, corrugated iron sheet, metal, tires, wood, bamboo, muds, leaves, grass, thatch or any other materials whatsoever. The Rules are updated time to time as per requirements. At present, Eight Building Construction Committees in force in which the Authorized Officers has been working as member-secretary of the committee.

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