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Road Development

The DMDP Structure Plan's Long-term road development strategy is illustrated in su-links above. The main objective of the strategy is to establish a long-term road network for the metropolitan area which will effectively serve the needs of the growing urban concentrations, by providing improved access to the main urban area itself and linkages to areas with potential for growth. Improved road communications will be used as a positive instrument for promoting urbanization in the growth areas proposed in the DMDP Structure Plan. This is an important consideration when evaluating the feasibility of the network and particularly its sequence of development, referred to latter in this Section.

Development of Public Transport Services

DITS in its Transport Development Strategy (TDS) presents a list of six key projects distilled from their process of evaluation. Of these, two projects relate to the development of public transport facilities, manually an expanded bus service and a commuter rail service.

Integrated Transport Network Plan for Metro Dhaka

Transportation would play a major role for Dhaka's growth both for the structure plan strategy and also for the alternate options. At this moment Dhaka is one of the least motorized cities in the world. Non motorized movement is dominant in the intercity transportation. The proportion of all travels by motorized vehicle is low. Dhaka integrated Transport Study estimated 66% of all work trips are on foot, 11% by rickshaw. Public transport is poor and disorganized with limited coverage and non motorized transport is inadequate for long distances. Mobility levels are low and consequently dwelling areas remain in close proximity to the workplace.

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