RAJUK's Organogram
Organizational Structure (Organo-gram):

The existing structure of the organization stands with the old version of Organogram having 728 officials of which 140 officials under Planning Section are shown the working strength of the Authority. At that time RAJUK comprised an area of 320 sq ml after then RAJUK has extended an area up to 590 sq ml under its jurisdiction, whereas the number of officials only increased up to 1081 of which Planning Section provided for total 253 officials according to the proposal of the new Organogram prepared and placed in 1987. This Organogram has been approved by the Establishment and pending for clearance from the Finance. It seemed to unrealistic and absolutely insufficient to cope the huge area including 3 more pourashavas and existing DCC area. The ratio of manpower is less than 2 persons per 3 sq ml and most of them non-professional and unskilled. The organogram having the number of 1081 officials is still not sufficient enough to handle the increasing pressure.
In 1992, RAJUK started to execute the Dhaka Metropolitan Development Planning (DMPD) Project having recruited officials who involved with the Planning Team in the process of plan preparation for Dhaka. In 1995, the project was completed and according to the TAPP, the trained and skilled Project Officials are then ready to absorb in the main set up of RAJUK for strengthen institutional capabilities.

Meanwhile, an order circulated by the Ministry of Establishment on the basis of the proposal for recruitments of 78 project officials within the RAJUK's main setup. The posts of 57 Project officials been approved by the Establishment for absorption in the present set up of RAJUK form 1st July 1996. In this view the Establishment has been proposed through notification that 57 officials to be merged in addition to the proposed Organogram of 1081, which now has been placed in the Finance for final approval. According to this order the manpower of Planning Department will be increased up to 308 (253 + 55). The order of Establishment now been approved by the Ministry of Finance by proposing 55 posts out 57 posts of which included with the existing 253 post and will remain under planning department of RAJUK. The conflicts between RAJUK and Project Officials become the main issue in placing Project Officials in the main set up.

In view of this problem another Organogram having the posts of 1232 officials have been proposed in October 1999 to the concern Ministry for approval. Of this Organogram, Planning Section of RAJUK concerns 318 officials of which 68 new officials are to be posted under Chief Architect. This Organogram have partially been implemented through the appointment of two Authorized Officers with the existing two posts of Authorized Officer by an order issued in February 2001. There is need some corrections according to the volume and pressure of works on RAJUK's present activities. With the available manpower resources an organization like RAJUK never be able to achieve the target and goal at its optimum, and the service will remain at the distance, which people do not expect and deserve.